Saturday, August 15, 2009

Listen to Radio Sai,Bhajans&discourses 24 hrs by double clicking on this link below and after that click on "Listen" on the page opening after that..

Cilck on this ........Listen to Radio Sai 24 hrs

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Uma said...


It was really nice seeing Chembur Seva online. I am in Minneapolis n had attended the study circle and the Bhajan thereafter n since I was a new attendant, I was asked to say few lines about our study circle in Mumbai. I felt nice telling about your involvement n how it is done.

Kudos to you.


R.Chandrashekar, said...

Sairam Uma

Thanks for talking about our Study circle i Minneapolis. Iam sure you would have told that we use Skype to make people from all over the world to attend our study circle also online. Next study circle 25th Mar 09 Wed,IST 7.45 pm you can join us from US Minneapolis online in our study circle. Like Mr.Poojari and Mr.Durai uncles did from USA when they were there.