Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sirf Bhagwan...

Om Sri Sairam

Once upon a time in our country,
Spirituality was kept on a high pedestal.
Even the Emperors empanelled the Sages
and sincerely sought their advice.
Materialism was subservient to Spirituality.

Slowly the situation reversed.
People became more materialistic.
Properties and possessions became
the only metrics to measure success.
Spirituality was reserved for retirement.

So much so,'Turning spiritual'is now tantamount to
distancing from Technology and Science.

In fact the entire visible Cosmos is just 'Matter'.
Which sprang from 'Energy' or Spirit.
In one Big Bang !

Again after Matter disintegrates,
it goes back to origin for re-cycling.

The Cosmic dance of Nataraja depicts
the endless 'Expansion through matter'
and 'Contraction to pure energy',in art form.
So Energy or Spirit is superior,way above.
Matter is just its derivative.
Thus stand the Spiritual above Material.

While natural laws like 'gravitation' govern Matter,
in case of Spirit,they don't work.
For e.g 'Gravitation' cannot
gravitate Grace of God.
It can at the most hold His statue firm.

Only spiritual laws work here -
Like if you have Shradda and Saburi,
Shirdi Sai blesses. (One God. Many forms)

But these days,many misguided ones-
tech-savvy and streetsmart-
relegate spirituality to the backyard.
And the world refuses its due share.

If the child of a Nobel Scientist
looks up and asks in all its innocence-
"Dad- Where does the sky end?
After that what?
"Dad.When did the time start..?
Before that what? ,

he will quitely distract the child and
slip away to ask Stephen Hawking
(author of 'The brief history of Time')
And together they will split hairs!

So much for Science funda !

Science is still into Self-correcting..
And refuses to appear for final scrutiny
still changing its own postulates once upheld.
Whether Wave theory or String theory...
Science is yet to settle down
and say it all as full and final.

So, Beyond Space what? Before time what? Ha..Ha..
Scientists! Some day if you find, send SMS..
Gnashing teeth....
Sorry.The 'Firki' is irresistible..

Only mystiques know the mysteries of universe.
in simple language of Spirituality.

And here they condemn Spirituality,
the origin of all Sciences put together,
as though its the last resort of retired uncles.
And treat the young Spiritual seekers
as 'Country Cousins'.

In fact the Techies trigger 'complex'
in Non-techie Normals. The laymen.
And constantly jargonise,so that the
Junta can't figure out.
They keep mouthing
GPRS, 3G,Streaming,Wifi,Web 2.0, and what not.
Boy,Try decoding the two liner, starting with
Om Poornamadah Poornamidam... (Go to Google and copy paste)
And find entire Cosmos, condensed in it.

Technology is no taboo for Spirituality..
Rather it can run errands for it.
Like we show in our site -
'Live darshans' of Siddhi Vinayak,Shirdi,Kashi
Iskcon and Haji Ali without need to even click..
besides 24 hrs Sai Bhajans, Swami's discourses etc non stop.
We are on Twitter too.

Now we make technology bow a little more
in all its humility to serve Spirituality.

ChemburDust has set up its own 'Live'Transmission' window
to 'live-webcast' programs in Chembur
like Study Circle,Bhajans,Vruddha Seva(from 1 Oct 09) etc.
which can be seen in our site "live" (
without any clicking.
And you can chat as the program is on
asking questions..

Again it is not a big deal.
All tech used are free of cost
and done without any tech support.
For Spirituality,the big deal,rather'the only deal' is,
to do our Sadhana diligently. Quietly.

Demystifying technology is also a Seva.
We love to hear among nose-up techies-
"Oh. it is no great deal. Even Chemburdust can do it"

Time is running out.
Life is uncertain.
Swinging between
Neighbourhood Swineflu and next terror attack !

Sadhana is the only saviour.
It services the Soul.
And reaches Home. For Sure.

Try Naamasmaran as you walk,as you travel.
Dedicate silently to 'Seva' and
discover divine vibes all over.

At the end realise,it's -
Sirf Bhagwan.Baaki sab Bakwaas !


R.Chandrashekar -

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Anirudh Kumar Satsangi said...

In Scientific Terminology Source of Gravitational wave is God. I am sure.