Friday, November 14, 2008

Anil Kumar,Divine ATM dispensing love 24 x 7 on Hadshi

Om Sairam

We really miss Hadshi which haunts the momory no end.
Every cell of the brain is populated with Hadshi memories.
The impact is indelible.
High on Richter scale !

But when God descends to the delight of the devotees,
how can the dumbstruck devotees describe the experience in toto.

When the ones who couldnt make it to Hadshi for personal reasons,
asked for details, we fell far short of the standards
with which we should describe the Cosmic Event. ...

As we were feeling helpless,looking around for help
suddenly like lightning came in,
the one and only, unparalleled Anil Kumar's
thunderous description of Hadshi...

Just click the following link and get re-transported to Hadshi.
It is Swami's lovely Gift to us.

Come. Hear this spell-binding description of Hadshi visit.
With the Hadshified Anil Kumar raving and ranting non-stop..
with his trade mark Abhinayas and Roaring Garjana..
This time peaking out like never before.

Try fighting tears and fail.
And drench your keyboards for sure..

Anil Kumar is Swami's Love ATM.
Dispensing Divine love 24 x 7.

Om Sairam


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