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Himalayan Trip by Overnight Meditators

On the bank of Ganges in Himalayas

Team Meditating in River Yamuna near Yamunotri

A group of 22 Sai devotees do Overnight Meditation every Friday in Chembur Mumbai. They decided to go to Himalayas and do Meditation over there. They had thrilling experience of seeing a landslide 'live' and also meditated right on the banks of River Ganges and Yamuna. Brought stones from the rivers naming them as Ganga Lingeshwar and Yamuna Lingeshwar which they would bring every Friday for the overnight meditation and do Abhishek before starting the Overnight Meditation.
The entire spiritual expedition in Himalayas is brought out in the form of a book shortly. In the meantime, the pilgrim-Meditators are sharing their experience with the blog readers. The piece below is from one of the team that visited Himalayas- Dr.Vasantha Nair MD


Our trip to Rishikesh started with fervor, anticipation and excitement. I had covered a major portion of the Himalayan tour in 2003 and now, I had been invited to sit on her lap yet again-a thing I had not imagined in my wildest dreams. As is held about other pilgrimage sites, I believe that no one can go to the Himalayas unless specifically called.

During winter, the snow capped Himalayas reverberate in magnificence, splendor and in essence the range is grandly divine. However , during the summer months, as the snow melts it lends its’ glory and beauty to the tracks of the Ganges as it gurgles its’, way to meander into the plains. As the Ganges is held with great reverence and piety, and worshipped as Divine Mother, I had tuned my being to venerate Her and worship Her remembering the adage-‘yad bhavam-tad bhavati [as one thinks –so one becomes]


The main focus of the trip as had been stated was the overnight meditation at Rishikesh.

Without transgressing its’ importance, I was keenly aware that every moment in the Himalayan range is meditation itself as we take in the divine vibrations pervading all around into our very being; through the pores of our skin, thru the air we breathe, thru our sight ,thru the kiss of the wind that envelops us and thru the silence and stillness that blankets the entire region. !!!

* During the meditation at Rishikesh I sensed peace, peace and yet more peace. The only thoughts that interrupted me time again were those of the Ganges especially the stotras written by Adi Shankaracharya. However this was not all.

* The sight of the Himalayan ranges with its’ bountiful waterfalls, luscious greenery, the Ganges with its’ undulating waves was meditation .

* I got many a chance to do active meditation when I had to go down or climb up tiny stony slopes with a hundred percent concentration so that I do not become a casualty nor spoil the pilgrimage for the rest.

* However, the highlight of the meditation experience for me was on the banks of the Yamuna. It was barely for 30 minutes. I experienced the pranava sound pervading everywhere. Since ‘cosmos ‘is a big word , I will describe that it enveloped the vast expanse of the sky above, the intervening space to include the waters of the Yamuna. Had we sat longer, may be I would have heard it within too. How did I experience this? I blocked the mind to the sound of the waves that were softly lashing by. All that was left was-AUM!!! I have heard accounts that this is experienced at Kailas. I was elated beyond measure for being gifted this profound experience on the banks of the river Yamuna itself!!!


In the tour of 2003 Yamunotri had been left out. Some mentioned that Yamunotri was tough to reach; others added that one should not even attempt it- so tough the route. This time , it was part of the trip. Most in the group used the palanquin due to the steep terrain. Not that it was all comfort as there was a continuous jerk transmitted by the four who carried the person. However it was the least risky and possible option for senior citizens. The rain gods poured their blessings on us continuously. Despite all the paraphernalia such as the raincoat, plastic sheet over the body with shoes tucked inside the sheet, we got wet from top to toe; chill filled our being; we remained wet till we reached the hotel-a good 7-8 hrs later; yet we were all fit and fine the next day-ready for the next day’s meditation and sport in the waters of the Yamuna!

Going back to Yamunotri- I heard from accounts that the Yamunotri temple is small! Given the veneration that is conferred on the Ganges and Gangotri,, Yamunotri seemed to have a second place. Quite contrarily, I must say that every bit of Yamunotri, filled me with a sense of its’ sacredness . Though I was wet to my bones, peace filled my being! Joy , and a dumb silence raced within despite the wet floors, the noises of people around, and the general commotion that is a part of such places.

I reached the Sanctum Sanctorum to set eyes on the Goddess and what did I see? Emanating from the idol –for a few seconds -I saw light!!! It can be compared to the experience of lightening. After this, I kept looking at the idol to experience more of it. Though I saw no more light, I could see and experience divine energy radiating from Her. This energy could be seen for 2-3 feet around her after which it merged with the rest of the atmosphere. I could not note the beauty of the idol .I experienced her POWER and DIVINITY.

So much for what thrilled me in this tour.

What touched me and made the tour worthwhile:

* The care and support and attitude of service that pulsated within the whole group given to us by our VERY OWN SWAMI!!!

* The discipline that was present all through-ingrained into us by our VERY OWN SWAMI.

* The love that pervaded between everyone-infused into us by our VERY OWN SWAMI. Everyone was joyous and happy all the time.


-- Dr.Vasantha Nair

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