Monday, June 15, 2009


Om Sairam ..


Take a span of a decade, which just flies by.
Recall the faces of the senior citizens
interacted with you ten years ago.
Now do a reality check - how they are.
Many must have wilted like sunflowers after sunset.
Age catches up. People,even friends, move away finding
that they don't make economic sense anymore.
Many savvy youth in their household
who pole vaulted to prosperity in IT joy ride,
consider the old not fitting the aesthetics of the house.
For some, they are not Strategic fit
in their relationship matrix.
The Dadaji, the Mousi, the Naani , Daadima ...
They can't relate to the laptoppians..
Who, through a fingertouch on mousepad
control the 'millions' of others!
Their workplace teaches ferociously
to measure everything in monetised metrics.
Can you encash this relationship-
securitise and sell..
Then what is the big deal,they would say.

"We are abandoned. No one calls.
They dont realise that everyone gets old sometime"

Where are the good ol days when
their mere presence was adding so much strength
to the young in the family who constantly
looked up to them for guidance and strength.
When, as little ones, you jumped around in ecstasy
on seeing a Mousi who appeared from nowhere
with clear plans of overstaying your hospitality!

Love ruled.
Hearts basked in the warmth of relationship.
Now we need a major swing in Sensex
to get even a fraction of that happiness
and that too swings back during its return trip!

Seniors who cannot be economically productive
find it difficult to relate to this mad house
the world has become.

And that pathetic condition drove ChemburSeva to
initiate a small step "Dial-a-DaadiMa"
to sensitise the youth.

As many would be aware by now,
we conduct classes for the Slum Youth
for English Speaking(Bol Bindaas),Personality dev and computer basics.
The classes are conducted every Sunday 5 pm to 7 pm.
Around 25 youth participate regularly.
Rain or shine, the classes would never stop.
As a part of the curriculum, Values are taught
through many small projects.
Midnight scholars - Active engagement

Recently a new project was announced-
There are many who are not in the habit
of talking regularly to the seniors
in the family who stay away
from them in distant towns and villages.
The youth have to identify one such senior
(Not only Daadi Ma, any senior citizen in the family)
whom they have not spoken to for many months/years
and should connect to them (may be -care of tel num .)
and speak to them with love and
enquire about their welfare in detail.
And share that experience in the next class briefly.
The entire cost of the call (as some are STD)
was offered tobe reimbursed by us
on producing call details.(Just a declaration)

And thus started "Dial-a-DaadiMa".
To the generation that is overfed with
adlines -Dial-a-Pizza and the like,
dialling a DaadiMa was amusing at first!
But the heart warming stories that were filed thereafter,
by the young ones who discovered the
new Joy of Love that overflew the hearts,
would move even the stone-hearted.
While explaining the way their loved ones
were pleasantly surprised on hearing their little ones' voice
after many months/years, the boys and girls
revisited their precious childhood
and momentarily re-lived.
Dial-a-Daadima experience being shared with the class.
Wearing tie is compulsory for these slum youth.
We shall be rewarding the ones who shared the
touching stories of divine Love -
A trophy with the emblem "Dial-a-Daadima"-
This is our brand equity - Oh! Corporate honchos!
It is beyond your Valuation Metrics.
DaadiMa's smile commands Premium in our world.
See full size image
Instilling hope in the heart of an abandoned Mousi
is a KPI- (Key Performance Indicator)!
Ensuring that we don't err in taking care of senior citizens
is a Six Sigma initiative!!
We shall strive to undo every bit of
corporatisation of these young kids' lives
through your wicked ads and promos!!!

In a world battered by problems,
Money may 'solve' a few.
But divine Love can 'dissolve' all.
It is a universal solvent,
that we set out to promote silently.

Discover the joy of sharing Divine Love.
Dial-a-DaadiMa !



" These days we are ignoring the elders, considering them tobe not useful to society. This is not correct.
..There is immense power in these elders that can be harnessed for the good of the society. ...We must
nourish and nurture these valuable assets and take good care of them."
--- Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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