Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life after death? For some there is no life before death!!

Om Sairam

Can we prepone the homage to a soul,'after-death' to 'before-death'..

The civilised society has by now
standardised the package of responses.
To the old and ailing.
We wrote about the old in the last mail-
Dial-a-DaadiMa.(Thanks for the overwhelming response)
And the next one now-the ailing.
How long to keep looking at the ceiling?

It seems,to merit respect and honour,
you have tobe Up and running-literally.
To move around and not confined to bed,that is.
But nature has designed this product
called 'human body' to depreciate
and switch off faculties one by one
if you are destined to live
longer than the life of the organs.

And that accounts for many of the
unfortunate bed-ridden, the society
has turned insensitive to.
In many households they are
just tolerated and communicated so,
through body language of the ones who serve them.
And many others are not lucky enough
even to receive such signals
and are outrightly abandoned.

Someday they catch up with luck
and are relieved from the defunct body.
And in comes the society- the friends, relatives et al
flashing their photos in obituaries
paying homage copiously. As part of the
standard package of the civilised society.

The departed soul becomes the sole hero
of the one minute drama -

The society has become numb.
Many are immune to the
pain and anguish of the bed-ridden.
Forgetting that we have no access
to the database of our own destiny.
What's in store for us the next moment.
Who knows?

Spending a few minutes of value time
with such unfortunate ones, once in a way
won't rob us of any bigtime resources.

Sitting by their side and talking to them
with Love and care, you can rejuvenate them.
The joy that was forgotten can
regerminate in them-courtesy YOU.

The overstressed youth can find it
as a great de-stresser.
A place where they don't have to
open their laptop and do 'peepeetee'ing (read PPTing)
to score a brownie point or two,
keeping an eye on the boss's eyebrows
or Phatao a gullible customer with
non existing virtues of their products, many times.

By the side of their bed ridden relatives,they can
let their hair down and plain-talk.
Revisit their childhood and how the old, now in bed,
pampered them and enjoyed every bit of their Masti.
And juxtapose that with the world they deal in now,
which punishes every bit of their deviation harshly.
And refuses to acknowlege that they are
just grown-up kids and bound to err at times.

Can we pay homage to a soul while living?
Can we turn the one-min-silence to
one-min-talk once in a way, when they are alive?
Can we just prepone the actions after-death to before-death?

Yes.We have to just prepone a little.
By paying homage to the sick before they die.
Write out all the points you would populate
the Times obituary piece,after their death
and read it out to them when alive.
Oh! how happy they would be hearing
how much you loved them!
Just etch that face in your memory.
(Press ctrl C+ ctrl V mentally)
Thats the real homage.
Dont seek media mileage after death
while leaving them love-starved when alive.

Pay the life-saving visits, loaded with Love.
Join the ChemburSeva team visiting the bedridden.
In the old age home and outside.

Our agenda for the week shows
Uncle Vaswani-90 yrs-an ardent
Sai devotee-regular in satsangs
in good ol days-Now bed ridden.
(Many years ago,he was personally assured by Baba
that He would be by his bedside during the last days.)
Resurrect the bed-ridden to rediscover life.
Pay homage when alive !


Chemburseva team in action...

"......Hold the patient by the hand, look into his eyes with compassion......

inquire how you can help him and let tears of gratitude flow

from his freshened eyes. That is the reward......."

---Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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