Friday, August 14, 2009

New Virus C1M1

Om Sairam
So much media hype !
As though now in India there are only
two categories of People.
Already infected. And yet tobe infected.
By Swine Flu that is.

All the channels suffer from
Attention Deficiency Syndrome-
and die for our eyeballs !

Some day H1N1 will also go the SARS way.
But the more virulent one- C1M1 virus may not.
It will mutate and keep haunting.
The Consumerism- Materialism Virus(C1M1)
that is ruthlessly infecting our youth.

When infected, the symptoms are apparent.
Their jaundiced eyes see only 'money' in everything.
Eyes pop out when passing through a 'Mall'.
Any foreign brand is music to the ears.
Cellphone treated as one more Sense Organ!!
Heart beats in tandem with Sensex.
Pt.moves around nose up in the air
everytime the company gives a rise.
Drools over the 'dumb' Pizzas
leaving yummy homemade stuff.
Look down upon the 'junta' around
who go to temple and pray
and wait for good days to come.
If so, Boy, its sureshot C1M1 !

Go for second opinion?
There they will discover more.
'Borrow-n-blow up' itching all over.
No focus. Jumping jobs like surfing channels.
Strong feeling that going to 'States' is the real 'Haj'.
'Get and forget'-"Thanklessness" in bloodstream.
Contempt for elders, a part of Psyche.
What Values? Only Snob Values.

Now confirmed C1M1 !
Rush. 'Gone case' as they say.

Millions are infected by C1M1.
And spreading it fast.
This is the real Pandemic.
H1N1 is in fact a typo done by some dumb typist.
What they actually mean is C1M1.
(Gazette notification for this correction on the way).

No mundane masks can help.
Nor can any worldly vaccines.

We have a duty to rescue these 'infected' ones
before they are washed off by the
harsh winds of Reality.

Is there no Antidote to this deadly C1M1 virus?

Yes. Thank God.There is a vaccine.
Our own version of TAMIFLU.
It also has tobe administered as soon as
the symptom starts without waiting for swab tests.
Read more about it.

'Selfless Seva' is the best antidote for C1M1.
Because it is God's own domain,
He takes special care for the ones
who go for this treatment.

Believe. It works. Works wonders.

If a youth discards a Pizza and 'diverts'
the money to a footpath cancer kid's milk in Parel,
he can see a set of tearful eyes thanking in silence.
That will invoke all the dormant goodness in him
that will fight C1M1 tooth and nail and chase away.

If a youth curtails a couple of 'spins'
in his gas guzzling car with 'friends' and 'diverts'
that money saved, to an abandoned patient
in an old age home for her medicines,
he can see a trembling hand struggling to
join to bless him, the joy, a million joy rides
cannot give in his lifetime.
What C1M1? No virus can ever attack.

At ChemburSeva we have a Self-Help 'Seva' Dispensary
with customised plug-n-play seva models having
On site and offsite deliverables.

So what is our role at ChemburSeva?
Just play the 'last mile'!
Connecting the good souls wanting to help
and the poor souls wanting tobe helped.
We connect and Vanish.


Weekly Visits

Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays(Mulund Samithi)
Home made food packets to footpath cancer patients opp.Tata Parel
Poor cancer patients from all over the country come here for treatment and flat broke
stay on footpath to continue the treatment.
(Shortly converting to all days - "Nithya Narayan Seva")

Onsite: Come and serve.

Offsite: Cook and deliver
(No cash collected. Only food packets)

All Sundays 5 pm - 7 pm ; Slum Youth - Bol Bindaas (English Speaking)/ Personality dev/computer basic

Onsite: Look at the guys wearing tie/gals catwalking with confident look, coming to deliver a talk. And we thought what these poor slum kids can do. (even after seeing slumdog milli...)Help in the class as a volunteer. Correct homework. Interact

Offsite: Discover new projects to engage them meaningfully and also paper work.

Monthly visits

First Sundays : Free Ration distribution to the poor cancer patients in Ghatkopar Sarvodaya Dharamshala.

Onsite: Come and join distribution
Offsite : Paper work relating to this - Patient profiles compilation, Ration accounting etc

Second Sundays- Old Age homes
Come and relate. To the Senior Citizens.
Be a 'Sai Relative' to the abandoned ones.(No money tobe spent. Just love)

Onsite: Join the trip (No charges) and interact with the Seniors and witness their happiness.
Offsite: Make Roti and garlic chutney for a poor 'Mausi'(or similar projects.Ask for details)and send through us.

Third Sundays : Adopted Adivasi Village - Palasdhari ,Near Karjat - Up the hillock

Onsite: Join many Seva activities up the hill(Bus arranged.No charges)
Offsite: Explore projects of economic value for the adivasi villagers. Tabulate the monthly survey details. Paper work. Liaison through Phone.

Fourth Sundays : Children Home near Chembur

Onsite: Join the team conduction classes. Play with them. Or hear their stories patiently and try to help re-unite with their parents through the home authorities following the rules under our scheme"mummy-ke-paas-janeka'

Offsite: There are so much of paper work involved in "mummy-ke-paas-jaaneka' reuniting project.More info on request.


Daily trips from Ghatkopar Dharamshala to Tata Parel for cancer outpatients for treatment

Daily morning 7 to 7.30 am three vehicles of devotees carry the poor cancer patients who are outpatients undergoing treatment at Tata Parel from Ghatkopar Dharamshala, One set of devotees keep chanting slokas in the vehicle for the quick recovery and peace of mind of the Patients in the vehicle and travel with them and come back at 9 am and goto office.
All days except Sat and Sun.

Onsite: Join the trip and chant any mantra of your choice. or just listen and come back at 9 am.
Offsite: Paper work for the patients guiding them to Trusts for help . As they are from outside Mumbai they dont know much.

Join Swami's mission and silently do 'Selfless Seva'.
How nice it would be if every Sai devotee's home becomes
an ideal home for others to follow.

What can a poor virus do in the energy field
charged by Pure Love that will decimate all evil !

Selfless Seva .The Mother of all Medicines !!

Sairam and Humble Pranaams

At the Lotus feet

R. Chandrashekar
(erstwhile ChemburSeva)

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