Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome to the World of ChemburDust...

Sairam . Welcome to ChemburDust. Blogsite of a few Sai devotees of Chembur Samithi. In this site you can read about our Seva experience in the links below this introductory note.

-We serve poor cancer patients, who, after spending all they had on treatment, ultimately land in footpath opp Tata Memorial Hospital Parel,Mumbai, Dharamshala in Ghatkopar etc.,

-We help reunite with Parents, the kids running away from home or lost in Mumbai .
-Serve the abandoned old in Old age home by attending to their needs. Every 2nd Sunday of the month

-Get the slum youth and unleash their power constructively - Be with them during SSC overnight study in a Garden calling them as "Midnight Scholars" and teach them Personality dev, English speaking("Bol Bindaas") and Computer Basics every Sunday 5-7 pm.

-Serve tribals in a remote village adopted by Chembur Samithi and so on....

Anyone can participate in these Seva activities onsite or offsite models well structured and tested.  The objective is to make effective 'Seva' delivery in the last mile till it reaches the beneficiaries.

Our first lesson learnt - A few committed individuals with very little means can do effective Seva to the poor and sick in and around their own place. If a dash of Spirituality is added, then it becomes blissful for both the ones who do Seva and the beneficiaries at once.

Discover the Joy of Loving and Serving.....Get inspired by our Divine Master

Come..A whole new world of bliss is waiting tobe discovered....

'Somebody' trying to become 'Nobody' through Spiritual Sadhana..