Friday, March 31, 2017

'Sairam. Suprabhath.🙏😌
Sat Apr 1, 2017

So much is spoken and written about Love. Love is God they say. But despite all the Love campaigns , it's practice seems tobe diminishing. Proof of pudding is....

What went wrong. We get to see huge 'Love deficit' all around. All seem to be directly or indirectly in a collision course. In every encounter of a human with another it shows.At home. On the road. Everywhere.
Watch the horror show of road rage triggered by just a vehicle scraping thru another in a bumper to bumper traffic. Hell breaks loose. Love deficit. By the same folks who mouth in schools, Satsanghs, public discourses...'Love is God'.
The most misunderstood concept in human history. Raised to a pedestal and made inaccessible. Such Love is too sacrosanct to be practiced in day to day life on streets, they feel. But really not so.

Love is all encompassing. No discrimination. It's even species agnostic. One can love a butterfly and in the same breath be compassionate to a drug addict . One can even go far beyond n do a Jesus stuff when others hurt and plead "Oh God. Forgive them. They know not what they are doing" .

Love kicks in the moment the 'other' is perceived as 'ours'. If not others, atleast start with 'Love thyself'. Which many seem to overdo anyway.. Now expand 'thyself' to include near n dear and then the world around. Become big, fat, _mottu_ 'Thyself'.  Like the obese Yankees, with an unfinished coke still in hand, wondering what the hell this Ramdev Baba is up to. Keep expanding.

From a private bath tub, turn a community well. The sky sends water from up, thru rains. The earth sends water from down thru springs. The Well only holds the Godsent water till drawn by the public. Leaving the Well intact. _Kya deal hai? Kudh ka kuch nahi Gaya. Sauda God ka aur Gaon ka._ 'Well' will do well just by sharing it's space by 'loving' all. Become that 'community well'. Grow out of the thankless elites' private bath tubs. Just change in perception can free download, tons of 'Love' into the 'system'.

Love is not obtained by training. By Market Gurus. It just springs from inside,naturally, if the factory settings fixed by God are restored. To original self. By plain understanding thru contemplation.

Love is not a state reached only after becoming totally egoless. Then it's a tough call. May never come in this birth. The stickiness and shelf life of our ego seem lifelong. In the interim, install the free basic version of 'Love'. Its just accomodating others ego as much as possible. Despite our ego getting jostled a bit. Atlesst we are Loving till then. Then expand the limits.To accomodate more.... the _Janta_ in neighbourhood. Then the town. State. Country. World . All species.
Now when the bloated  'self' takes a selfie, boy, the whole world shows. As seen by Yashoda maiyya in the mouth of little Kanhaiya.

Time to taste that Love. The Masters call 'Love all. Serve all' is still in 'To do List' of many. Even the next Avatar is due. But our homework by previous Avatar is still unfinished. Begin somewhere, the conscience screams.
Spirituality helps. How?

Yes. You guessed it right.

*Pray. Chant. Meditate*
See your notion of 'self' changing slowly.
Watch it expanding, accommodating 'others' unconditionally.
Now , find only 'Love' and 'self' interacting. No 'others'.

Then rest like the silent 'Ramana' watching own self playing out, enthralling all the time.
Cool na.

'Sairam 🙏😊

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